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Juvenile CI with ROP

Jul 01, 2017

Protection if you need it. A refund if you don’t. Critical Illness Insurance – Not Just for Adults Most of us have experienced or known someone whose family has been greatly impacted by a parent being diagnosed with a life-threatening disease or condition. But what about when it happens to children? Sadly, all too often […]

What is Key Person?

Jun 01, 2017

Most business owners understand that assets vital to the success of the enterprise should be insured. Premises are routinely covered for fire and/or theft; vehicles used to make deliveries, insured; machinery needed for manufacturing, also insured. Given that these tangible assets are instrumental in the success of the business, it makes good business sense that […]

Recover Your Long Term Care Costs

May 01, 2017

Will your family be affected by the costs of caring for an aging loved one? Statistics Canada states that over 350,000 Canadians 65 or older and 30% of those older than 85 will reside in long term care facilities. With increasing poor health and decreased return on investments, the fear of facing financial instability in […]

Occasional Marijuana Users

Apr 01, 2017

With the federal government heading towards the legalization of personal marijuana use some life insurance companies have announced that occasional marijuana smokers would now be considered as non-smokers on new applications for life insurance and in some cases critical illness insurance. How significant is this change? Substantial! As an example, for a male age 35, […]

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