Saving for Retirement
We can show you a variety of savings vehicles with competitive rates. We can assist you to determine if your savings are adequate to meet your retirement goals.

Life Insurance
We work closely with all major life insurance companies, making the best solutions for your life insurance needs available to you. Security, savings, tax-deferrals, protection for loved ones: life insurance isn’t just about a death benefit anymore. Learn about what life insurance can do for you, your family, your business and your financial future.

Universal life insurance is the most flexible life insurance contract structure available today. You can customize your plan when it is established, or easily make changes later. Universal life insurance contracts offer the opportunity for tax-advantaged investing. This affords the opportunity to increase wealth by managing investments held within the life insurance contract.

Permanent life insurance provides lifetime protection for a fixed cost. Depending on the plan you establish, permanent life insurance spreads the cost of any coverage designed over the lifetime of the policy or over a specified period of time.

Term insurance is a lower-cost option to acquire life insurance coverage, and still delivers assurance that beneficiaries of a contract will be protected.

Critical Illness Insurance
As an example, 30% of Canadians will develop some form of life-threatening cancer. If you have never considered critical illness insurance, you may want to review the features of these kinds of contracts. Critical illness insurance provides a lump-sum benefit in the event you are diagnosed with a named (in the contract) illness.         

Disability Income Insurance
Disability income insurance contracts are designed to help meet your income requirements and pay bills, should you become disabled (illness or injury) and unable to work.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long term care costs can be high and can threaten the financial security you’ve achieved. Long term care insurance can protect you if you require extended “nursing home” care or “at home” care. Long term care insurance contracts may also provide tax-free benefits, depending on the design of the contract.

Employee Group Benefits
We can design employer-sponsored benefit programs that can include dental and medical benefits, and a variety of additional benefits, such as group oriented disability income insurance benefits. We can provide competitive quotes on new or existing employee group benefit plans.

Health Insurance
Plans are available for individuals and small businesses that do not qualify for group insurance.

Mortgage Insurance
Enquire about practical and affordable and recommended alternatives to banks’ and other lenders’ mortgage insurance plans.